Hello, I'm Alex.

I'm a producer who is curious about the future. I deliver creative works across short and feature film, primetime television, commercials, Shorty Award-winning interactive multiplatform, music video and installation video art formats. Currently I work with directors at EXIT as a Producer. At the end of the day, moving narrative experiences drive me—especially where story meets technology

My Twitter bio probably does a better job of explaining where I fit within the IoT (hint: somewhere between #arts, #women, #culture, #tech, #comms, #digital and #empathy). I'm all about direct action when it comes to slow internet. I believe beautiful databases are the differentiation opportunity of SVOD platforms and wish I knew more about databases as a form. Audience is currency, but what do infinite long tails mean for Australian creators? At some point, filmmakers are going to catch on that we have a lot to learn from the startup community—exactly how I don't yet know.

I have a thing for documentaries, and gravitate toward absurdity to read / learn / stretch my legs / observe. I think listening is the ultimate act of respect and why I believe in the importance of storytelling. If curation thinking is the mixing of media types without being moral about it—that's what I look forward to. Let's make something weird. Proper bio.

Thank you.