Photo: Sam Chiplin

Photo: Sam Chiplin


THE BENDS (2020)
Drama / 14:00 / English
Production EXIT Films

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter wrestles with the news she is pregnant in the lead up to the most important fight of her career.

The Bends is an impressionistic docu-drama hybrid that lightly dramatises the truth of real people, events and settings to feature a nuanced first-time performance by Melbourne pro-amateur MMA fighter, Annie Thatcher.

Director Tom Campbell
Writer Adam Spellicy
Story Tom Campbell & Annie Thatcher
Producer Alexandra George
Executive Producers Declan Cahill, Leah Churchill-Brown

Introducing Annie Thatcher

Cinematographer Sam Chiplin
Editor Maria Papoutsis
Composer Mikey Young
Casting Fiona Dann CGA
Production & Costume Design Asia Swida
Colourist Trish Cahill
Sound Folklore Sound

Supported by EXIT Films, ACSA, Panavision Asia, The Editors, Folklore Sound, Alt.VFX

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