The always-up-to-date birds over at Nieman Lab put me in touch with a great article, 'The Art and Science of Hiring For Media Startups' at Idea Lab. One of the highest values sought after when hiring people for media startups is the adaptive, inspired, varied skill and knowledge set to mix content types:

Curation thinking: This is another critical hiring and company culture parameter. No media startup can survive doing just original content, it has to be a mix, of original, of curated or aggregated, of licensed if that is an option. It means hiring people who have the ability to mix content types, and not be moral about it. You’ll be surprised at how many journalists look down upon curation. In a small team, curation thinking also means learning to do a lot more with a lot less…

We are the engineering students of the 20's! Adaptivity, ideas, innovation, vision, creativity, care, curation - this is the attempt of Networked Media.