Photos: Tom Ross

Multi-channel Video Installation / 33:00
Production Plot Media
Exhibited Open House Melbourne 2018 / MCA Sydney 2019


There can be few other nations less certain than Australia as to what they are and where they are. —Robin Boyd

A major new video installation by Eugenia Lim exploring contemporary Australian identity through its architecture.

Artist Eugenia Lim
Producers Alexandra George, Eugenia Lim
Executive Producers Virginia Kay, Jamie Houge
Cinematographer Tim Hillier
Stills Photographer Tom Ross
Sound Designer Dan West
Choreographer Nat Cursio
Costume Designer Kat Chan
Installation Design Andre Bonnice, WOWOWA

Presented by Open House Melbourne & Melbourne School of Design
Supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, City of Melbourne, Australian Cultural FundGertrude Contemporary Studio Residency Program
Cultural partners Robin Boyd Foundation, WOWOWAPlot Media, The Post Lounge
Industry partners Kane Constructions, HASSELL, Ontera, Wojo Signs

‘…But like Eugenia’s provocation, THE AUSTRALIAN UGLINESS, which inserts ambiguous, coloured, ageing and queer bodies into the iconic buildings and interiors of Australia onscreen, whether we’re talking about architecture or movies, these cultural artefacts shape us, and we all must have agency in this process of who we become.’
Blog: Ugly/beautiful — Eugenia Lim's homage to Boyd at MCA